Student Voice

Student voice allows students to have a say in their education and school life. It makes them feel they play an important part in the day to day running of their school.

How it works – The School selects 4/5 students, from various classes. These students then share their ideas in the first initial meeting of changes or new things they would like to see or happen within the School. Students then return to their classes and feed the information discussed back to their peers. If it is equipment they would like, the students do some research on costing and source the best suppliers. Some ideas may require a school vote, which is then performed by the students. The Wellbeing Team take the ideas ie uniform/rule changes/uniform requests to the Senior Leadership Team. They decide if the ideas/changes are viable and give permission for the request to be actioned. A second meeting takes place for the students to discuss the feedback and outcome.

To make sure all student voices are heard a new group of students are chosen on a termly basis.

Outcomes we hope to achieve for the students.

  • feel happy whilst at school
  • listened to with regards to their school life.