Aims, Ethos & Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our students SHINE as Successful, Happy, Independent, Nurtured and Enriched young people.

Our school is a welcoming and safe place to learn, driven by high expectations.

We strive as a team to inspire confidence, develop resilience, promote democracy, and give students a voice, recognising only our best is good enough.

We challenge students to believe in themselves, aim high, regulate their emotions and engage in educational opportunities so they leave proud of their achievements and are ready to make their next steps as confident and responsible citizens in our ever-changing society.


We believe in the concept of lifelong learning and the idea that both adults and children learn new things every day. We maintain that learning should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone; it should be fun. Through our teaching, we equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices about the important things in their lives. We believe that appropriate teaching and learning experiences help students to lead happy and rewarding lives encouraging them to become lifelong learners and successful citizens in an ever-changing and evolving society.

Our Aims

We believe that people learn best in different ways. At our school we provide an inclusive, rich, and varied learning environment, for students whose primary need is SEMH (social emotional and mental health), allowing students to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential. We consider the raising of standards of achievement, social, moral, and spiritual development to be the foundation of good teaching. We believe that each individual student should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. This can be achieved through good teaching practice, planned learning, appropriate modelling, one-to-one support and intervention sessions, dovetailed with therapeutic services which are targeted and meet their individual needs. All stakeholders take responsibility for raising standards and we value every member of our learning community; governors, parents, carers, staff, and the students who attend the school.

We acknowledge that students come to school with diverse knowledge and from different social and cultural backgrounds and different starting points. At our school, all students are valued and supported.

Students learn best when:

  • They are happy, confident, and independent in a secure caring environment to which they feel they belong.
  • They know and understand their academic and well-being targets and objectives.
  • They have a sense of self-worth, feel confident in asking questions and are encouraged to use thought processes as part of their learning.
  • The assessment procedures are supportive, positive, diagnostic, and constructive based on the recognition of the student’s efforts and achievements.
  • They are valued as individuals and their work is positively assessed, with appropriate feedback, from staff, their peers and themselves, dependent upon their age, aptitude, and ability.
  • There are opportunities to work in a variety of situations; as individuals, or groups, with the teacher on a one to one basis, in a small group or whole class.
  • The needs of individuals are assessed and supported through planned learning, advice and support from all staff and other external agencies.
  • There are clear monitoring procedures.
  • Clearly defined policies on behaviour and discipline are in place and consistently implemented by all members of staff.
  • The students are respected and respectful and have a sense of ownership about their learning and community.
  • An environment exists which enables students to feel happy, safe, secure, stimulated, motivated and healthy.
  • The teachers are reflective and enjoy a collegiate relationship with colleagues, which enables them to consider their own teaching pedagogy and its strengths and weaknesses through training and development of all staff within the school.
  • The school, parents and carers work in partnership and the parents/carers are actively involved in their children’s learning.
  • The students have access to a variety of teaching approaches, experiences and challenges.
  • The students are equipped with the skills necessary to become independent learners.
  • The classroom structure is made explicit and routines, expectations and targets are clear. The students experience consistency in all aspects of discipline and behaviour.
  • The students value themselves and others regardless of race, culture, colour, gender, religion, or ability.
  • There is a shared understanding of high expectations to ensure that all students achieve their full academic potential.
  • They have access to a wide variety of resources to aid them in their work
  • By working in partnership with parents, carers and external services we recognise that success is achieved when all agencies work effectively together.