Community Projects

Community Projects 2020

We at the Lighthouse School are very proud of all our Students, Parent/carers and staff for their continued support with the community projects. Please see below the projects we helped, in 2020.

Dover class worked tirelessly on charity work in term 2 asking for help from all students, parent/carers and staff for items to donate to the three chosen charities.

The community project (helping vulnerable families suffering from the outcomes of Covid-19 unemployment etc)

Women and child refuge (cannot give more details as unfortunately it is a private establishment due to keeping them safe)

The hygiene bank (who are a local charity supporting Oasis, Porchlight, Thanet Food LInk, Thanet Winter Emergency Shelter and Quarterdeck)

The Community Project Donations

A Message from the Community Project.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and everyone at the lighthouse school for the amazing donations you all made. We have lots of families that use our project and now we can reach out to more. I also wanted to thank the boys for carrying it all out to the car and helping us to load it. They were all so polite and it was great that they asked questions and were generally interested in those we help.

Hopefully, you can visit in the new year and see how we helped so many in need.

Women and child refuge & The hygiene bank

The students and staff in Dover class organised hampers to distribute evenly between the charities for the Christmas period.

Many of the staff members participated by bringing in their old toys, stationary items, clothes, hygiene products and accessories.

Once Dover class got started, they could not stop

A staff member used to work at Age UK and Dover class asked her if she could get in contact with them to see if the students of the Lighthouse School could send letters to the elderly people they work with every day. The school had a reply from Age UK with a list of names of people that would love to receive a letter this Christmas (2020) from our students.

Dover class then asked if any other classes would like to get involved. Age UK will be sending pictures of the people receiving their letter so that the students can see whose Christmas they have made!

Raising Money for Aurora

A local child, one of our fellow Acorn employees has a daughter who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitt’s lymphoma in May this year. A cancer that had a 95% success rate in children and long-lasting remission. After 4 gruelling cycles of intensive chemo, they were given the news that she was in remission, however, this was short-lived!

Aurora’s cancer became resistant to treatment and returned more aggressively than before. At initial diagnosis, Aurora had 28% bone marrow involvement, but this increased had increased to 40%. What, had started as a 95% chance of survival became a 90% chance of failure. A 10% chance of their baby seeing another birthday or Christmas.

They’re trying to raise money now for treatment; look at this…

£300,000 sounds like an unachievable amount, especially in the middle of a pandemic but let me put it into perspective.

It takes 300,000 people to donate £1
30,000 people to donate £10
3,000 people to donate £100

One of our students raised money by doing a sponsored walk. He completed his walk from Sandwich to Westgate with a previous Lighthouse student, they managed to walk 26 MILES!!! in 7 hours. AMAZING

We are beyond proud of him and cannot believe his weekends success, great job (he was very sore the next day).