A note from Willow, our therapy dog

Hi Human beings,

I would like to introduce myself. I am the new school doggie and my name is Willow. I am a 1 year old Cockapoo and I come into the Lighthouse School every day to work with students because that’s what it say’s on my timetable, and luckily I love children.

This year I have had some amazing young human beings teaching me new tricks. For instance, I can “sit”, “stay” and give my paw (sometimes). They call me a “clever girl”. I love a bit of praise. It makes me feel good.

Soon I will be starting my training to become a fully-fledged therapy dog. This means I can help human beings to manage their anger, anxiety and even with their reading. I love listening to a story in a calm voice.                                        

I am very friendly and love meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet you.