We provide personalised learning programmes for each of our learners. These reflect any outcomes the learner may have on their EHCP and/or their PEP targets as well as identifying personal targets which will help them develop both their academic and personal skills.

The majority of our learners will have had difficulty coping in a larger school environment and would require a small, therapeutic, school setting. The Lighthouse School aims to prepare our learners to:

  • Access a mainstream environment, dependant on the Individual Learners needs.
  • Enable our learners to have a successful transition into post 16 learning and training opportunities.
  • Provide our learners with opportunities to access a broad range of subject knowledge using a suitable alternative curriculum.
  • Referrals are processed by The School Business Manager who will liaise with the carer and social worker prior to inviting the learner for an informal interview.
  • To enable a high quality of provision for the learner, considerations to the learner’s needs and the needs of the school as a provider will be made before any decision is made to place the learner at The Lighthouse School.
  • The school has an Inclusion and Equal Opportunities policy which is available on request.
  • Referrals should be made direct to the school by email to

The schools referral documents can be downloaded below:

SIF (a) 2018-19

SIF (b) 2018-19