Our Aims

  • To provide a quality learning experience by delivering an alternative curriculum designed to promote inclusion, engagement, learning opportunity and access to accreditation and qualifications.

  • To provide opportunities to develop skills for life by supporting and encouraging the development of skills in numeracy, literacy, ICT and Key Skills. We encourage learners to achieve qualifications which will enable them to meet college entry requirements and be prepared for the world of work.

  • To support and encourage self – management of behaviour through monitoring and review. We encourage our learners to reflect on their behaviour and to develop skills enabling them to manage their responses to the challenges they face. We encourage the use of a range of support services available and aim to prepare our learners to access opportunities in mainstream education, colleges, apprenticeships and work.

  • To create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected and where we recognise that all of our learners and staff make a valuable contribution to the school.

  • By working in partnership with parents, carers and external services we recognise that success is achieved when all agencies work effectively together.